Hidden Gem Tours

We designed our Hidden Gem Tours because whilst Edinburgh is one of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating cities with a history that’s often hard to believe, the real treasures are often hidden from plain sight in places which are inaccessible by car.

We think Edinburgh locals are going to enjoy these tours every bit as much as visitors to the city because we’ve lived here for 30 years and are amazed by the discoveries we’ve made designing these tours. Visitors will be enthralled by the stories they hear and the treasures they see too and we hope our tour will be one of the highlights of your visit here.

The streets you see today are beautiful but don’t often give a sense of their bloody, stinky past and so we’ll bring that past to life for you, telling you amazing stories about the characters who once lived here and how the city has changed so incredibly over the centuries.

Edinburgh's Elegance - Unlock Its Rich Splendour Thumbnail

Edinburgh's Elegance - Unlock Its Rich Splendour

From £29.00

Duration: 120 Minutes (approx.)

Join our Edinburgh's Elegance tour to unlock it's rich splendour.  Edinburgh is one of the world's most beautiful cities and our unique New Town built in the Georgian era for the city's wealthy residents. You'll discover secret gardens, film sets, incredible architecture, Edinburgh's most expensive street and much more..........

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