Edinburgh Early Bird Tours

Our Edinburgh Early Bird Walking Tour rewards you well for getting up in the morning – after all the early bird does catch the worm! In the case of this tour, the worm is having many of the most beautiful parts of the city to ourselves in peace and quiet. We think the early morning is the best time of day in a city and we’ll get to see Edinburgh waking up and hear the birds singing for us as we enjoy this lovely morning walk on a tour which avoids roads as much as possible, making the most of our green spaces.

We think it’s the very best way to start off a day in Edinburgh. This tour is dog friendly, so please bring your pooch along with you. After a good walk, where there will be plenty of chance to chat and listen to stories about Edinburgh, we’ll finish in a wonderful local cafe where we’ll treat you to a tea or coffee and you might want to treat yourself to one of their a delicious breakfasts.

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Early Bird Tour

From £19.00

Duration: 180 Minutes (approx.)

Are you an early bird? Join us for a beautiful morning stroll through Edinburgh, making the most of our green spaces. It's the best time of day in a city and we'll get to enjoy it almost to ourselves, watching her as she wakes...

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